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Ski poles


You also have to be at Kater for the right ski pole!

There is a suitable stick for everyone, in size, material and budget. A good ski pole provides balance and can help prevent injuries. In addition, a ski pole is a good aid when making turns. However, you must buy the right size ski pole, if it is too short or too long it can cause injuries.

What size ski poles

The ski specialists at Kater Funsport can help you find the right ski poles. Where of course the most important choice lies with the size of the stick. The size of the ski pole is easy to determine, both with a pole in hand and remotely in the case of buying ski poles online.

  • Ski pole in hand
When you are in the store and you want to know which stick is the right size, pick up the stick upside down, so turned around, with 1 hand just below the counter *. Your arm from the shoulder down is against the body and at the elbow it makes a right angle of 90 degrees. The stick is the right length!

*The counter of a ski pole is the saucer at the bottom. It prevents your stick from disappearing a meter into the snow when you push your sticks on the snow.

  • Measuring the ski pole is knowing
You keep your upper arm against the body and make an angle of 90 degrees with the elbow. The forearm now points straight forward and the clenched fist keeps you straight. You now measure the distance from the bottom of the fist to the floor, and add 5cm to this.
And the maxim is, better a little too short than too long.

Ski pole material

A ski pole is usually made of aluminum. This is a fairly light raw material and yet sturdy enough. However, an aluminum stick can bend fairly easily, after which a fracture can quickly follow. A lighter and stiffer stick is made from carbon. Carbon ski poles are much more comfortable simply because they are lighter. But also less flexible, so a stiffer and more direct feedback from the stick. Carbon poles are more expensive than aluminum. If you damage the carbon by, for example, a point load or impact, it can be damaged and break. It is therefore important to be careful with this.

Ski pole grips

Nowadays there are various variants of handles for ski poles. Where in the past we often encountered the plastic handle with a simple wristband, there are now countless different systems. So don't forget to try them on with your current gloves before you go on winter sports. For example, there are variants with integrated attachment from glove to handle, sometimes by means of an external loose strap that fits on every glove.

Ski pole offers

At Kater Funsport there are always interesting ski pole promotions to be found. Perennial collections or action models. Ski poles for adults and children alike.
children's ski poles
senior ski poles

Ski pole brand

We have ski poles in stock from the following brands:

Come to our shop for the right advice and the ski pole that suits you. Or shop online if you know your size.



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