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Ski boots

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ATOMIC Hawx Prime 100 Pro
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Winter sports ski boots

A good pair of ski boots is an essential part of good ski equipment. To fully enjoy skiing you will need ski boots that suit your feet, skiing posture, discipline and use.

Ski boot online

You can buy ski boots in the webshop, but then you actually have to know in advance which shoe, brand, model and size you need. Buying a ski boot second-hand is also possible, but be aware that it can practically never offer the comfort of a new shoe bought on your foot.

Important ski shoe choices

Why are ski boots such a difficult purchase? We will try to answer that question below.
There are many different shoes, for women, men and children. Some ladies fit a men's shoe better, purely based on the shape of the foot and lower leg. The difference between these shoes is in the position of the foot, the heel and the lower leg. The width of the foot and the size of course. In addition, most men take a bit more mass with them, and they ski differently. All in all, enough reasons for producers to set up a different line for men and women. Children's shoes are generally less different and often also unisex.

There is also a wide variety of choices among the models, for example shoes with a lot and little flex, shoes especially for racing, piste, freeride and touring ski boots. This flexibility of a shoe can be expressed in a number, but not all give the same result. A 100 of one brand can thus represent a completely different property than that of another brand. So it is important that you get good advice from a ski boot specialist.

Prices ski boots

Enough price ranges and there is a pair of ski boots for every budget. This price structure also provides insight into the quality and durability of the shoe. If comfort, durability and looks are important to you, you will pay more for this. Don't forget that a wrong choice can seriously ruin your winter sports week, so our advice is not to focus entirely on the price.

Custom molding of ski boots

Custom ski boots are also an option. Hereby the choice between custom fit and its variants and boot fitting. Many brands have a line in their range in which the shoe can be molded to the foot of the customer. Sometimes only the inner shoe, but there are also shoes that can be completely deformed under the influence of heat and a vacuum. Not always necessary, but for some who do not find a well-fitting ski boot in the regular models, a great outcome.

As you can see, many choices and possibilities. Be well informed and make sure that your ski equipment is in order so that you can fully enjoy that well-deserved winter sport!

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