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Helmets and protection

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Buy ski helmets, snowboard helmets and protection clothing

Buy a winter sports helmet or ski helmet for children

We ski and snowboard with a helmet on, fortunately the norm these days. For your own and others' safety.

Importance of a good ski, snowboard helmet

A well-fitting helmet can contribute to a more comfortable ride. It's more confident, warm, can have snow goggles in or on them that protect your eyes and improve vision, and can even be equipped with speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite music. If it is comfortable and looks good, you can fully enjoy your winter sports.

Comfort / fit

That fit is of great importance, because if you buy a helmet that does not fit completely well, please note you must also give it some time to get used to it, then that can cause a lot of annoyance. In principle, you should be able to wear it all week without disturbing yourself, then you have bought the right ski helmet or snowboard helmet. So fit, and compare between models and brands.


• Ventilation (lockable / not)
• Snow goggles clip
• Music (preparation)
• Visor
• *Mips (Multi-directional Impact Protection System(
• Adjustable neck + chin strap size adjustment
• Washable liner
• Comfort / warmth
• Connection goggle to helmet

*MIPS : ski and snowboard helmets with the multi-directional impact protection system provide better protection by allowing a movement of the helmet relative to the head during a crash. The head can rotate independently of the helmet, whereby the energy released by impact can be better diverted. This can better prevent brain damage. The system that makes this possible is in the helmet and is a low-friction layer between the outer shell and the inner liner.


A helmet for everyone, a helmet for everyone. In our stores and the webshop you will find a wide range of ski and snowboard protection. For children, ladies and gentlemen.
Kids helmets : Ski helmets and snowboard helmets for kids, who wouldn't want his/her kid to get off the mountain safely. Safety above all. But just as important, that the kids have a good time. And that starts in the morning with getting dressed and putting on the helmet. If it is not comfortable, does not fit or becomes a point of irritation during the day, it is not a good investment. So, in addition to the safety of the helmet, you should also pay attention to the comfort and fit of the children's helmets. Ventilation, visor, warmth..

Women's helmets: a nice color, design, some style elements, but here again emphatically the safety and comfort. Often slightly smaller or narrower than the men's helmets, perhaps a little warmer with a nice fur. Apart from that, of course, little difference in that area.

Men's uni helmets : like the other categories, a ski helmet or snowboard helmet with type approval, which shows that it is safe. Still nice because you know that the speed easily exceeds 50 km/h. In addition, in many areas a ski or snowboard helmet is simply mandatory. Wide choice in properties such as ventilation, size adjustment, visors, etc.

Protection : ski protection, snowboard protection, wrist protectors, back protectors



Frequently Asked Questions

Advice helmets fit in the store or shop snowboard helmets online?
You can reasonably well estimate which size you need based on a size chart or a previously worn winter sports helmet and therefore purchase a helmet online. However, for the 100% certainty and the best choice in terms of fit, comfort and use with current snow goggles, the best advice must be to come and try on in the store.

Is a helmet mandatory for skiing? (06-10-2022)
In many winter sports areas a helmet is mandatory. In Austria, for example, there are a number of areas where a duty applies for children up to 15 years of age. For example in Salzburger Land, Steiermark and Karnten.

In Italy, these helmet requirements apply to children up to the age of 18. There is a check on the slopes and you can expect a fine of up to 200 euros!

Winter sports Slovenia, Croatia : helmets are mandatory for children under 14 years.
Skiing, snowboarding Poland, Slovakia : children up to 16 years old are obliged to wear a helmet on the slopes.

How much does a ski helmet cost?
For a good comfortable helmet you pay just a little more than for a lesser helmet. All helmets offered by us do have a type approval, so they are safe. Price will roughly be between €30 and €250. Depending on brand, type, target group and luxury version.

Why ski helmet with visor?
A ski helmet or snowboard helmet with a visor has the great advantage that you no longer need separate snow goggles. This is of course a lot more efficient, but can also be cheaper. A big advantage for children is that those fogged glasses no longer block their view. And how about all those swirling glasses that hang from the clip at the back of the helmet, so many also get lost that don't fit?
credit to the helmet.. Glasses wearers also have a big advantage of a visor, the glasses usually fit more easily under the visor than under a goggle. With regard to fogging, the visor is also on the winning side, due to more ventilation options all around, it will fog less quickly than the snow goggles. And it just looks really cool.

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