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Super cool, such large snow goggles, of course. Bold colors and prints sometimes make goggles more of a fashion accessory than a functional part of your winter sports gear. Nothing could be further from the truth, good snow goggles are much more important than many (also very experienced) winter sports enthusiasts think.

Prevent eye damage

What happens to your eyes, during a sunny week in the mountains, all that UV reflection on that white snow, you can suffer considerable damage. Called snow blindness, a painful form of corneal inflammation that disappears after a few days. However, if you do not protect your eyes properly for a long time, this can cause long-term complaints, such as cataracts. You can also incur considerable damage from a fall with your normal sunglasses on, you do not want to know what those glasses and arms do to your face. That is why a goggle lens will generally be made of, for example, unbreakable polycarbonate.

Snow goggles and good vision

What you hear from many people is that they only use goggles when it snows. Indeed, good snow goggles with the right lens can significantly improve vision during snow. In addition, it can prevent frostbite of your eyes or eyelids. If you have the right color lens and a double system with ventilation, and you use it correctly, you also have a chance that it does not fog up and you actually benefit from the glasses.
But you always want visibility, not only when it snows, but also in sunny weather. Never suffered from tears in your eyes when you let the skis or the board run for a while? Or a bright sun in your face when the shadow came out that blinded you for a moment? A goggle closes the eyes from too much wind and ensures that not too much light enters the goggle with the mirror coating.
There are also lenses that color with the amount of UV that they have to process, called photochromatic. Ideal when the lens colors from, for example, a category 1 to 3, so that you do not need different glasses for all the different properties. There are also many snow goggles with an interchangeable lens, often a category 0 or 1 and a category 3 mirror lens.
More about the category classification can be found below this article.

Goggle shapes and frames

The shape of a lens can also determine the correct vision. The distortion that can occur is caused by the curvature in the lens. The view and field of view from left to right due to the size of the lens in combination with the size of the frame. In general, it can be said that a spherical lens has the same curvature as an eye and therefore looks the most pleasant.
With the shape of the frame and the lens, the possibility of wearing regular glasses under the goggle can also be mentioned. Also known as Over-The-Glass or OTG models. Where an ordinary goggle pushes the glasses on the nose and pinches the ears, the OTGs have room for this in the frame.

Comfort ski goggles

Actually, comfort when choosing a goggle should be one of the most important aspects in the choice. Why? Because you probably wear it all day, and that means at least five days in a row. Glasses that don't fit, fog up, pinch, or don't feel comfortable in any other way can therefore be or become a major irritation. Go buy glasses or try on your purchased glasses with your helmet, so you can be sure that the fit and comfort is ok.

Snow Goggles for Kids

All these tips certainly apply to children. Too often we see kids in full sun with category 0 / 1 glasses that are too light. Or with glasses dangling from the back of the helmet. Children's eyes are extra vulnerable to UV so protect your children's eyes very well.


During winter sports, use suitable snow, ski, snowboard goggles or goggles. When choosing glasses, make sure that they meet the requirements.
Lens shape

Lens Categories

CAT 00 / 01 Offer protection from the elements and more contrast, ideal during bad weather, overcast, snowfall.

CAT 02 More contrast during partly cloudy and shady side, mountain and forest.

CAT 03 Recommended for winter sports in sunny conditions.

CAT 04 Use in extremely bright light, on glaciers or during expeditions.

Polarizing stops annoying glare.
Double lens prevents condensation.
Photochromatic colors with amount of UV
Mirror coating reflects UV

Snow goggles brands:


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