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Complete Snowboardsets

*we only have a snowboard department in alkmaar

Buy a snowboard set at your snowboard shop

Complete snowboard set offer

A complete snowboard set consists of a snowboard + binding. Often in a set for an attractive price. The snowboard set is composed in such a way that the board and binding fit together and are tailored to a specific target group.

Set snowboard Buy

You can of course buy a snowboard set from the snowboard specialist! We have all the knowledge and experience with which we can help you choose the right snowboard set. Based on years of experience and current knowledge, we can advise exactly the snowboard set that suits you.

Learn to snowboard

A suitable beginners snowboard set is also available for boarders who have yet to learn to snowboard. In doing so, the characteristics of the board and the binding that suit a novice boarder will be taken into account.

Make a choice of snowboard sets

Breakdown of snowboard sets by level:
Beginner snowboard set - easy learning, easy turning, slow speed
Intermediate advanced, intermediate – making progress, choosing a particular discipline
Advanced – high speed, a lot of technique, demanding boarder

We can also subdivide snowboard sets into the following target groups with corresponding properties.
Kids snowboard sets : small, light, easy turning, easy start, fun, having fun.
Women's snowboard sets : lighter, narrower, and smaller boards than the men / uni. More flexible. Ease.
Men's snowboard sets: from beginners to advanced, also suitable for large heavy people.

Are we going to focus more on the way someone snowboards or wants to go snowboarding and in which terrain you come to the subdivision below. These differ mainly in flexibility, shape, length and width, setback, camber profile and base.

Freestyle – lots of flex, for park, slope, and halfpipe, real twintip, shorter
Freeride – long boards, less flex, setback, wide nose, wide boards, lots of float
Race – long and narrow, stiff, little comfort, a lot of speed, a lot of grip
All mountain – a one for all, features that will get you anywhere on the mountain

Used Snowboard Sets

There is also a market for used snowboards. However, with the current low prices for a new complete set, second-hand snowboard sets are often too expensive. Only buy it if you are 100% sure if there is no:
Worn or sharpened edges too often
Optical impact on the steel edges

We would love to see you in the shop, or advise you via the webshop! Together we will find the best snowboard set for you!



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22 products found
Nidecker magic drake LF 17-18 € 188.95 € 149.00
Nidecker prosper rood mission red € 248.95 € 199.00
Nidecker Prosper groen drake king € 268.95 € 209.00
Nidecker flake drake king € 278.95 € 229.00
Nidecker magic grom 17-18 € 218.95 € 179.00
Nidecker Elle 17-18 € 298.00 € 229.00
Nidecker Play 17-18 € 328.00 € 269.00
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