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WING SURFING is not a completely new fad in the water sports world, but one that now seems to have broken through for good. Wingsurfing uses a sail with inflatable struts for strength which you can hold directly in your hands. With the help of this sail you can move forward on the water while standing on a board. This can be done, for example, on a surf or sup board, but preferably on a wing surf board.

When the sail catches wind it will provide propulsion, but you can also turn it out of the wind which actually puts it out and you can use a wave to continue.

Wingsurfing is most closely related to windsurfing as you have the sail directly in your hands. Foiling, sailing on a hydrofoil, is a trick that you can quickly apply once learned in the multiple disciplines. A fun new sensation for anyone looking for a new challenge!

What do you need to surf with a wing?

To get started with wing foiling you need the following materials.

• The wing (the sail)
• A wing surfboard
• A complete wing foil set
• Board leash
• Wing leash (including wing)
• Wetsuit neoprene suit
• Impact vest
• Helmet

Be well informed by our specialists in the store. They can tell you exactly which wing suits you best. But also what volume board you need, what shapes and sizes of wings you need and how to adjust them optimally.

Buying your first wingsurf set or need some inspiration first:

Hydrofoils* have never really gone away, but have become extremely popular in various water sports disciplines over the past few years. There have always been hydrofoil boats that were used as ferries, but there are also sailing ships, speedboats and there is even a cup in the US in which races are sailed with catamarans.

In windsurfing, foils are used under specially developed boards with associated sailing rigs. There are now various competition classes, but the wind foils are also increasingly used recreationally.

We also see this movement towards foiling in kitesurfing. A new discipline, a fresh look, and a big advantage, you can get out on the water with very little wind!

Of course, stand up paddle boarders and wave surfers cannot be left behind. A huge range of foil boards, masts, wings and accessories is included in the ranges of the largest brands.

*A hydrofoil is actually nothing more than a mast with wings under water. Its operation is similar to that of an airplane wing where it generates buoyancy. Now not to raise an airplane in the air, but a floating object in the water. The biggest advantage of the foil is the reduction of resistance in the water, because you float above it. This means that a higher speed can be achieved. In addition, you are less bothered by wave action, which means you have a much softer ride.



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TABOU Pocket Air WING FOIL MTE € 1299.00 € 1049.00
GAASTRA CROSS From € 859.00 € 469.00
GAASTRA CROSS From € 859.00 € 469.00
GAASTRA POISON € 899.00 € 495.00
FIRE 5'5/90 € 1299.00
FIRE 5'8/110 € 1299.00 € 1049.00
STX STX iFoil 5'10"x 29" x 5" € 699.00 € 599.00
STARBOARD S1 WING FOIL M82/1500 € 1392.00 € 1099.00
JP BOARDS X-Winger IPR € 1249.00 € 949.00
GAASTRA HYBRID "82 2000 FREE € 1389.00 € 899.00
DUOTONE FOIL WING UNIT From € 979.00 € 729.00
DUOTONE FOIL WING UNIT From € 939.00 € 699.00
CABRINHA Mantis Window V2 From € 919.00 € 689.00
CABRINHA Mantis Window V2 From € 889.00 € 665.00
CABRINHA Mantis Window V2 From € 859.00 € 645.00
CABRINHA Crosswing X3 € 999.00 € 749.00
CABRINHA Crosswing X3 € 1059.00 € 794.00
JP BOARDS X-Winger IPR From € 1249.00
NEIL PRYDE GLIDE SURF 2020 From € 999.00 € 449.00
CABRINHA MACRO From € 1399.00 € 899.00
AZTRON Falcon Wing Foil Board From € 1199.00 € 799.00
FANATIC SKY WING From € 1399.00
TABOU Pocket Air € 1699.00 € 799.00
JP BOARDS FREEROIL ES € 1649.00 € 1099.00
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