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Shipping costs are the costs for handling, collecting, packing and sending your order. In the shopping cart you can see exactly what the shipping costs of the order are after logging in (and entering the delivery address). (These only become definitive after logging in, because then the delivery address is known for our webshop). The shipping costs also depend on the nature of the item and its dimensions.

Based on a small package, up to 100 cm, within NL, the shipping costs are € 3.95. (A gift voucher also comes standard as a package so that it can be followed). If the amount spent exceeds 50 euros, you will not pay any shipping costs. Used articles excepted.

The shipping costs and the amount above which the shipping costs are canceled add up to the size of an item and depend on the product category. For example, shipping costs are always charged on sending used items. In addition, these are determined by the specified delivery address. You will see the exact amount in your shopping cart after entering the delivery address. Below is a summary of the table which forms the basis for the calculation in the webshop on new items.

* We are not responsible for the incorrect display of shipping costs by other internet pages or search engines such as Google Shopping.

NL free above, € BE / LUX free above, €
Products up to 100 cm
 3.9550 6.95 50 
Kiteboards, skis, up to 175 cm
 5.9550 9.95 50 
Sails and masts, up to 270 cm
 9.95100 11.95 100 
Surf Surfboards, up to 270 cm in size up to 419
 19.95500 24.95 500 
Windsurf boards,> 270 cm or size> 419 cm
 24.951000 29.95 1000 

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