Please note: this winter no snowboard department in Hippolytushoef | We do not have Hiking, garden furniture and bbq in Alkmaar | Click here for a complete overview

2 real stores
  • Hippolytushoef: closed

    Belterlaan 30
    1777 HM Hippolytushoef

    Information shop

    Information webshop
    0227-593 888

  • Alkmaar: closed

    Herculesstraat 57
    1812 PD Alkmaar

    Information shop

    Information webshop
    0227-593 888



  • 1. 1. Does Kater Funsport deliver abroad?
    Kater Funsport also delivers abroad, you can simply place your foreign order in the Webshop. Some countries are excluded for orders in the webshop as we have to request the shipping costs for these countries.

  • 2. 2. When will I receive my order?
    Kater Funsport strives to deliver your order the next day, if the order arrives before the mail arrives at 1600 hours. However, we cannot always comply with this. The exceptions and conditions can be found here. You will also be contacted if the delivery time is delayed for whatever reason.

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  • 1. 1. What are general terms and conditions?
    The general terms and conditions stipulate conditions that apply to a certain type of agreement, in this case a distance agreement. The seller and buyer must adhere to this. These conditions are partly set out in European terms, so that buyer and seller cannot just make an exception to this. Usually to protect the buyer. The general terms and conditions of Kater can be viewed here.
  • 2. 2. Do you also offer a lowest price guarantee?
    Kater Funsport delivers good quality products, a lot of service, a high degree of customer friendliness and competitive prices. Undoubtedly, our colleagues will sometimes give a lower price. Let us know, we would like to see on a case-by-case basis whether we can join or not. Experience shows that we can also close very competitive deals through competitive purchasing.
  • 3. 3. Can I leave my response somewhere?
    You can leave your reaction via the Kiyoh review site. We will use the responses that are posted to optimize our customer friendliness, service and operations. With this you help us to make the site and service better, but other consumers can also get a lot of valuable information from this.
  • 4. 4. Can I chat with a hangover?
    During opening hours you can reach Kater Funsport by email, telephone and chat. As the store is regularly very busy, it may be advisable to use the chat function if it is available.
  • 5. 5. What is the address of Kater Funsport

    You can find the shops of Kater in Alkmaar and Hippolytushoef. Here the link to our store information page.

  • 6. 6. Can I work at Kater?

    Hangover Funsport is regularly looking for new employees. If there are vacancies, they are on the vacancy page.


  • 1. 1. I have never ordered anything from Kater Funsport. Can I just order?
    Yes, you can order items directly via the website without any membership or registration. Of course we need some information from you, otherwise we cannot send your order.

  • 2. 2. How does that work, order online in the hangover funsport webshop?
    Ordering online at Kater Funsport is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is very simple:

    1. Surf through the Kater Funsport online webshop and click on the article in which you are interested. You can now add this item to the shopping cart.

    2. After you have added the product to the shopping cart, you will see at the top of the screen behind the shopping cart the number of items in it with the corresponding amount.

    3. When you click on the shopping cart you will see the contents of your shopping cart appear. You can change the number and size here, and you can also remove products from the shopping cart here. You can also choose the shipping method here.

    4. During the next step you can log in to your existing account if you were not logged in yet. You can also choose to enter your details if you do not have an account.

    5. Then choose a payment method.

    6. The next step gives an overview of the items you ordered, the contact details, the delivery address, the payment method, all conveniently arranged on 1 invoice.

    7. To finish, you will arrive in the secure payment environment that you have chosen where you will pay for your order, after which the order will be sent to us definitively.

    You will receive a confirmation by email after you have returned to the webshop.


  • 1. 1. I prefer to pay per ideal, is that possible?
    With us you can pay per ideal, we advise that our customers there too, this is a very safe and fast method.

  • 2. 2. Can I only pay with ideal?
    Ideal is the most used payment method in the Netherlands. It is safe, fast and user-friendly. Immediately after payment in the webshop we see through our payment partner OGONE that payment has been made, so the order is thus immediately confirmed and processed. But you can also opt for other payment options such as visas and master cards, for example. These are all mentioned in the shopping cart.

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