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Shade cloths

Shade cloths come in all shapes and sizes. Which copy is right for you depends on a number of things. The purpose you want to use the canvas for, for example, or the size you have in mind. Nesling's shade cloths are definitely the cream of the crop. The sun cloths are of very high quality and allow very little harmful UV radiation to pass through. This allows you to enjoy your garden and the summer weather optimally under a shade cloth from Nesling. A sun cloth is a perfect alternative to a parasol. Where you are always working with an irritating foot with a parasol, you have complete freedom with a sun sail. In addition, you can simply leave the cloth hanging outside. The sun cloths are available in different shapes: for example, in a triangle or a square. But a custom solar sail is also possible. There's no parasol that can do that. In short: a shade cloth is a perfect addition to a stylish, shaded garden.



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