Please note: this winter no snowboard department in Hippolytushoef | We do not have Hiking, garden furniture and bbq in Alkmaar | Click here for a complete overview

2 real stores
  • Hippolytushoef: 09:30 - 18:00 hour

    Belterlaan 30
    1777 HM Hippolytushoef

    Information shop

    Information webshop
    0227-593 888

  • Alkmaar: 09:30 - 18:00 hour

    Herculesstraat 57
    1812 PD Alkmaar

    Information shop

    Information webshop
    0227-593 888

Kater Funsport has everything you are looking for in lounge sets and other various garden furniture & accessories. You can easily place these garden accessories separately with your furniture or use them for the maintenance of your lounge set. On this page you will find a selection from our range of garden furniture accessories. Here you will mainly find covers to protect your garden furniture, a box to store your cushions and nice rugs for your garden furniture.

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