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Hangloose Tours (Kiteschool & Tours)

Learn to kite surf in paradise with Hang Loose Tours Mauritius! We believe that challenging yourself through sport makes you feel free

Hang Loose Tours Mauritius combines sport, tours and leisure activities, to create unique holiday experiences. We believe that challenging yourself through sports makes you feel free and happy. We teach in the most fun and safe way possible, guide our guests on exciting tours around the paradise island of Mauritius and share with them our experience and knowledge. 

Our kite school offers beginners and intermediate courses, as well as advanced wave riding coaching with the ultimate bluetooth radio support, called BB talking (a waterproof intercom). We are located in the peninsula of Le Morne Brabant, the most famous kite spot of Mauritius, in the south-western tip of the island on the windward side, where consistent south-east trade winds are blowing from 15 to 30 knots during the whole winter season, from July until November. This ideal playground has become the ultimate destination for kite freestylers and wave addicts. 

The area has two main beaches dedicated to kitesurfing.  One called kite lagoon, a wide shallow lagoon overviewing the majestic mountain of Le Morne, with onshore wind, ideal to learn kitesurfing in the safest way possible. The other one is called Le Morne Kite beach, mecca of all kite-aholics, with deep turquoise water and side-shore wind. The inside lagoon is perfect for freestyle, but it is mainly famous as a wave riding paradise, where beginners to advanced riders can choose from five different wave locations in the same area. Small Reef is the optimal practicing wave for all beginners or first time adventurers. For people with some wave riding skills, Manawa will be an unforgettable experience and for all those advanced riders who would like to feel some adrenaline, world’ s famous One Eye, a fast barrelling left hander, with perfect clean faces and pure power.

For all Kater Funsport clients we offer 10% discount on all kitesurfing courses, booked in advance and happy.

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