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2 real stores
  • Hippolytushoef: 09:30 - 18:00 hour

    Belterlaan 30
    1777 HM Hippolytushoef

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    Information webshop
    0227-593 888

  • Alkmaar: 09:30 - 18:00 hour(Evening: 19.00-21.00)

    Herculesstraat 57
    1812 PD Alkmaar

    Information shop

    Information webshop
    0227-593 888


Women underwear top

When it's cold, thermo clothing helps keep you warm. It is important that thermo clothing is in the right fit to retain that heat as much as possible. Good thermo clothing also helps to sweat as little as possible during exercise, because the material has moisture-wicking properties. In our range of thin and thick thermoshirts. The thin shirts excellent for draining sweat and thick shirts for keeping the body extra warm. Choice of short and long sleeves. Just like with our thermo pants choice of basic colors, but also nice prints.

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