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Men winterjacks

The diversity of winter men's jackets made of different materials is very large. The most important thing is that a winter coat should be nice and warm. At Kater Funsport you will find a very wide range of winter jackets for casual use as well as technical jackets for various winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Down jackets: Winter down jackets are filled with soft bird feathers (down). Birds use this lower plumage to protect themselves from both the cold and heat. Down therefore has an insulating effect. We like to take advantage of this and therefore use the down in winter coats. Down jackets are perfect for very low temperatures, because they keep you nice and warm. Another advantage is that they are very light. A disadvantage is that they are usually quite pricey, because the production of down is very expensive. Quilted jacket: Like the down jacket, the quilted jacket consists of quilting patterns that keep the filling in place. The difference with a down jacket is that a quilted jacket often has a different filling. Due to the quilting, the jacket insulates perfectly and is also very suitable for lower temperatures. Double jacket: For places where it does not get too cold in winter, a double jacket is ideal. These winter coats have the advantage that they can also be worn as an in-between coat in milder temperatures. They have a two-layer system, consisting of a windproof outer jacket, in which a second jacket can be attached with a zipper or buttons. The inner jacket is often made of a fleece fabric, which insulates well and keeps you nice and warm. If the sun comes out in the afternoon and it gets too hot, you can simply take off the outer jacket. Moreover, on rainy autumn days you can also choose to wear only the outer jacket. Synthetic coats: Of course there are also winter coats without quilt. These jackets are filled with synthetic fibers to keep you warm even at low temperatures. Some models have a smooth exterior and are only lined on the inside, other models are lined with soft teddy or fleece on the inside. Winter coats regularly have a fur collar. This can provide extra warmth, but also serves as an eye-catcher to give the jacket a little more flair. The length of your winter coat depends on your taste, but also when do you want to wear the coat. There are short winter coats, which reach your hips and therefore mainly cover the upper body, which are suitable for winter sports, because then you have more freedom of movement. These technical jackets usually also have a snow catcher. Long winter coats, which fall over the hips and therefore keep you warm better than short winter coats, are more suitable for everyday use. Especially during snow and rain, it is very important to pay close attention to the waterproofness of the winter jacket. Once your winter coat is soaked, you will get cold faster. The maintenance of a winter coat is also very important for this waterproofness. For this you can look at our range of technical detergents for the right treatment, so that you can enjoy a beautiful winter coat for as long as possible.



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O'NEILL PM DIABASE € 189.99 € 132.99
REHALL JAKE-R € 199.95
REHALL KARL-R € 189.95
REHALL WING-R € 199.95
REHALL HALO-R € 249.95
REHALL ISAC-R € 199.95
REHALL JEFF-R € 129.95
REHALL JEFF-R € 129.95
QUIKSILVER MISSION PLUS 2019 € 259.99 € 181.99
KILLTEC JUNES 2019 € 199.95 € 139.97
QUIKSILVER FOREVER € 359.99 € 251.99
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