Please note: this winter no snowboard department in Hippolytushoef | We do not have Hiking, garden furniture and bbq in Alkmaar | Click here for a complete overview

2 real stores
  • Hippolytushoef: 09:00 - 17:00 hour

    Belterlaan 30
    1777 HM Hippolytushoef

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    0227-593 888

  • Alkmaar: 09:00 - 17:00 hour

    Herculesstraat 57
    1812 PD Alkmaar

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    Information webshop
    0227-593 888


About us

Fun shopping at Kater Funsport

Kater Surf sold his first surfboard on September 22, 1978, more than 40 years ago. This was a Superstar and it cost 1190 guilders at the time. You understand that in all these years a lot of knowledge and experience has been gained in all areas of the windsurfing world. But KATER is also the right place for other fun sports such as kite surfing and stand up paddle. The very extensive waterwear program complements the water sports department nicely, wetsuits and drysuits, windsurfing and kite surfing trapezes, hip, sitting or multi-use.

In addition, a very extensive clothing range, technically, the surfy line, but also more sporty and kater lifestyle. In both shops we have a travel department, mainly covers the travel and outdoor range for day trips and trekking. The extensive and professional BBQ shop in hippolytushoef completes this department.

In the winter the water sports program continues. However, in part there will be a transformation in the shops from more summer and outdoor, to winter sports. Skis, snowboards, boots, shoes and clothing and all related items. The recognized winter sports specialist, the best preparation for a successful winter sports holiday. The very extensive range of KATER is also available online, creating an online fun sport super shop.

The team of enthusiastic and sporting advisors will guide the customer to the best possible fun shop experience. Partly by means of annual clinics, training and tests, they are kept informed of current developments within their field. Professionals with passion who take the customer by the hand and advise on the most suitable articles.

We would like to invite you to visit one of our stores or webshop and use our knowledge!

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